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Security – Brand New Britishdragon Authenticity holograms

Britishdragon Europe is proud to announce a new anti-counterfit technology hologram which will now enable all our customers to identify the legitimacy of each individual product. All vials and tablet pouches should come with an authenticity Hologram with a 7 or 8 digit scratch off panel.

This image is a close up of the hologram, you should be able to identify the writing and layout

Authenticity holograms

Once you have scratched off the hologram it will reveal your 7 or 8 digit code

Please enter the 7 or 8 digit product code from the hologram:

Please enter the 7 or 8 digit product code!

Please contact us with any questions in regards to authenticity. Holograms are not removable or changeable please report any tampered with products to us here.